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Unique Design Protective LED Police Wear Flashing Warning Police Uniforms

Unique Design Protective LED Police Wear Flashing Warning Police Uniforms

1.This LED reflective vest is made of woven fabric, foam and LED electrical part. 2.The metal eyelet is patented and waterproof and the specification of LEDs is SMD5050, much brighter. 3.There is a terminal to connect the battery box and LED strip.

Product Details

LED police uniform

led police wear


led flashing uniform

led wearled flashing wear

More than just an outdoor workwear 

It is a fashion-forward outfit that can ensure your safety in daily work

Based on the working conditions of outdoor workers, our designers design the clothing regarding to three main perspectives: applicability, comfortability and security. It is an outfit that combines fashion and ergonomics. Each of our reflective vests equip with double reflective tapes, wearers can be clearly seen from thousand miles away under bad weather, which guarantees their safety.

By customizing the LED reflective clothing based on your preferences, we are able to manufacture a unique product that meets your personal needs and requirements with a reasonable price. 

WildSaver, Outdoor Sport Smart Safety Warning Outfits Unique Designed Conception For Night Safety, Originally Created, Top Quality.

led wear factory

Are you searching for one of the famous brands unique design protective led police wear flashing warning police uniforms? Here we are. NianNianWang is one of the leading professional manufacturers and suppliers such products in China. Using high quality materials, our factory can offer you tough and durable, as well as safe and breathable products with high visibility. Welcome to enjoy our wholesale service.

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