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Which Positions Must Wear Reflective Vests?

Reflective vests I think many friends should have seen them, but few friends know which posts must use reflective vests. Today I want to share with you information about this.

First of all, we all know that reflective vests are very versatile. Our common users are sanitation, roads, airports, and employees on the construction site, not necessarily used in traffic management. Another common occasion is like the express logistics industry, especially the person who delivers the goods. Furthermore, warehouse management and gas stations should be used. As long as you need to work outdoors at night, you should wear it. After all, the warning effect of this kind of clothes is better, but there is no clear requirement in these occasions to use reflective vests. Which occasions must be used?

To be honest, the positions that must use reflective vests include: patrol police, civilian police, special police, sanitation, outdoor exploration workers, etc., because the light is weak at night, people’s sights are blocked, and travellers can wear reflective The clothes (reflective vests, reflective suits, etc.) can give other people a warning function and can guarantee their own safety.

In fact, not only do the above-mentioned personnel need to wear reflective vests, but even some night-running and night-time travellers can wear reflective suits. Because there are certain restrictions on reflective vests in China, the reflective suits we see are only in special people, especially police reflective vests, which require higher requirements, and domestic manufacturers and sales companies have high requirements.

To put it simply, more and more jobs are now required to wear reflective vests when working outdoors.

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