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What Should You Pay Attention To In Outdoor Sports?

         Autumn, moderate temperature, pleasant weather, is the most suitable for outdoor sports season, so that the body by the benign stimulation, will be easier to adapt to changes in the climate after entering the winter.However, the fall of the outdoor sports, there are some things to remind you must pay attention to yo!

Rule 1: Prepare to prevent strain

         Generally should be done slightly more heat the body is better. After the preparatory activities, regardless of the soothing or more acute and intense activities, the body can adapt, in order to achieve the purpose of exercise.

Rule 2: exercise protection, prevention of injury

         Every movement should also pay attention to the movement of the method, in addition to doing a good preparation activities, the movement of the magnitude, strength should be taken seriously, do not force yourself to do some more difficult action.

Rule 3: morning exercise, not roadside

         Because the autumn climate is dry, the lime is easy to fly up, so that the air is contaminated, running on the road side, increased lung capacity, will inhale more dust and car exhausted harmful gases.

Rule 4: timely replenishment, to prevent autumn dry

         Such as the long-distance running exercise, but also drink the right amount of sugar water, to prevent hypoglycemia, dizziness, sweating, limb weakness and other adverse physiological reactions, if the larger amount of exercise, sweating too much, can add a small amount of salt in boiling water Maintain the body acid and alkali balance.

Rule 5: step by step, avoid sports too much

Some people think that a large amount of physical exercise can be good, strong resistance, it is not true, the movement with the same sleep, are appropriate to do Exercise too large or too small have no good impact on health, only the appropriate exercise can play the role of fitness prevention.

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