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What Occupations Are Used For Reflective Vests?

With the improvement of national security awareness, the popularization of reflective vests has become more and more popular. For example, it is now available to the transportation industry (the traffic police patrol auxiliary police security police), construction industry, logistics industry, sanitation, road administration, consumption, high speed, airport. Workers in the subway, hospitals, ports, etc. will wear them. We set reflective tapes or other reflective signs and texts on the main position of the vest to reflect light, so that people in the dark (generally test drive vehicles) simply find the wearer to prevent bumps. Under the strong light, it will reflect the dazzling light, which is easy to find in the night time, or prompt others to pay attention.

Don't look at a small reflective vest, the role of emergency can not be ignored, because the reflective material used on the reflective vest is composed of a small lenslet, the light can shine back to the original road, let the vehicle drive People simply find the wearer to prevent the risk. The visual distance to the driver who does not wear the reflective vest under the same road conditions is about 100 meters, and the visibility distance for the driver's friend is about 500 meters. .

In general, traffic police on duty, patrol, construction, road construction, rescue, sanitation operations, logistics express, airport port subway operators will wear when working outdoors.

Workers on construction sites need to wear reflective vests, especially at night, to identify and prevent incidents.

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