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What Is The Use Of Reflective Protective Clothing?

Usually reflective clothing is composed of two parts: reflective material (reflective tape or lattice belt) and base fabric. When there is light shining at night, the reflective material will reflect part of the light to warn people who see the reflected light. Traffic management, sanitation, oil and other groups that need outdoor operations.

"Every year, there is a line of duty traffic police because the driver can not see the command gesture, but was injured by the vehicle." The original duty reflective vest only has positive and back reflections, the side can not be reflected, can not play a good protective role for the traffic police. When the traffic police directs traffic, when the front and back are just facing the red light, the vehicle is forbidden; when the station is standing, the motor vehicle passes, and the side of the reflective vest can not be reflected, which will bring safety hazards to the traffic police.

At the present stage, the new fluorescent reflective protective duty service is very fluorescent, and it feels like a jacket. The inner lining is a mesh surface. It has the performance of keeping warm and windproof, and increases the “visibility” and improves the safety factor of the traffic police on duty. It also facilitated the past drivers to view the commanding gestures of the traffic police.

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