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Welcome To Alibaba September Purchase Festival


       #Join this feast and celebrate together!

   #China good cargo through the world!

#Chinese foreign trade people all in!

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       Excellent enterprises from all over China have prepared well. To welcome this unprecedented grand feast of Alibaba!

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         In September 2018, the B-end merchants welcomed a carniva in which Alibaba threefolded its subsidies and flows into the September purchasing festival.


       Based on the results and experience of the March purchasing festival, the international station was adjusted to improve the buyer experience. There will be a cash incentive for new buyers to encourage the use of credit protection services, up to $200, and all registered buyers will have the opportunity to receive a free Mainland inspection award during the event. For sellers, this shopping festival is not to be missed, in addition to the points award, the platform will be in various venues, advertising space and labels to display merchants and goods, the overall effort is more eye-catching than the March shopping festival!

      Welcome to Dongguan Niannianwang Electronic Products Co.,Ltd


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