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The Advantages And Functions Of The Safety Raincoat Set

Why are safety raincoats so hot? What are its advantages?

It turns out that, in the rainy days, especially in the dark, the outdoor light is very weak. This will seriously affect people's visual ability. Whether you are riding a bicycle, walking or running, if you wear a traditional ordinary raincoat in the rainy weather, it is difficult to be seen by all kinds of drivers on the road, so it is easy to have a car accident. This is one of the important reasons for frequent car accidents in recent years. It can be seen that the risk factor is very high.

A raincoat for traffic safety made on the basis of ordinary raincoats in accordance with relevant regulations. In the 360° of the raincoat, that is, the front of the chest, the reflective strips are added to the forearms and the calves of the hands, and a reflective material that can reflect light gives you 360° safety guard.

Moreover, in the case of light, the reflective raincoat can be extended for several kilometers. Extremely visible at night. Visibility at a distance reduces the invisible risk factor of darkness at night.

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