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Staff Wearing Reflective Vests

Whether it's on the city roads that come and go, or on the highways that are constantly flowing, everyone can find that this type of traffic policeman wearing a vest looks very conspicuous. Most of their working hours are outdoors. Whether it is day or night, they wear reflective vests, also known as traffic vests. As the name suggests, reflective vests refer to protective vests that are often worn by outdoor duty departments such as traffic management, sanitation, and road administration to provide reflective protection. The design and production standards are within the scope of national standards.

Everyone knows that the traffic policeman is wearing a reflective vest. What do you know about the reflective vest worn by the traffic police? The reflective strip on the reflective vest is made by a special technology. Through a series of high-tech extraction, the clothes have a reflective layer, and there is a corresponding polymer material. The spherical retroreflection is formed according to the high refractive index glass beads. The principle or the transparent crystal formed by the micro-lattice formed by the cube-corner retroreflection principle, can reflect light back to its source, producing excellent reflection and warning. This will reflect the effect of the reflection, which increases people's attention. It can play the role of safety warning; its degree of reflection can be adjusted according to the length of the surrounding light, it can be directly reflected to the human eye, and its use area is very wide, the applicable field is also wide, people can live in life Wear it at all times to ensure that you can achieve reminders and warnings when you travel. Generally, there are series of bright, medium bright, high bright, bright silver, etc. Their respective reflective brightness distances can meet a variety of people who have quality requirements; here, I believe that everyone has a new understanding of reflective vests.

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