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Sanitation Workers Equipped With LED Reflective Vest At Night To Reduce The Risk

Weifang September 8 sanitation worker during the night when, due to poor lighting, not easy to be seen by traffic, resulting in more personal injury. Recently, in order to eliminate cleaning lady night operation safety, avoiding the occurrence of tragedies, kuiwen district sanitation Department has allotted for the cleaning LED luminous vests, to strengthen the warning.

LED luminous vests is orange-yellow appearance, with sanitation workers uniform color, reflective article based on the front and rear light LED bulbs are installed. Vest top shiny bulb, eye-catching in the night to remind note there are sanitation workers ' vehicles in the past, drivers found in a timely manner, give way in a timely manner, effectively reducing the risk of sanitation workers.

In recent years, the kuiwen district sanitation Department of safety work unremittingly, in addition to intensify inspections and the labourers must be a fixture outside the post, has also taken measures such as cleaning pastes reflective warning on three sides, strengthening sanitation worker safety protections. This configuration LED luminous vests for the sanitation workers, sanitation workers from the active protection of passive protection, so as to effectively reduce the incidence of accidents, so that each Member of the sanitation workers to "go to work happily and come home safely."

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