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Safety Vest = Automobile Essential

With the gradual improvement of automobile safety technology, traffic accident deaths in many European countries are decreasing year by year. But the number of deaths in the Secondary traffic accident has not declined. The Secondary traffic accidents mainly refer to the situation that the driver stops at the roadside to fix the trouble after the car breaks down, but after the driver leaves the car, he is injured again by the unknown vehicle behind. In particular, the possibility of Secondary accidents at night is very high.

When Automobile rear-end accidents occur, signal signs such as tripods are set at the rear of the vehicle to guide the rear vehicle to avoid risks. But the reality is that accidents occur in lanes 1 and 2, and the driver is particularly vulnerable to collisions with the rear vehicle when he or she escapes from the vehicle and crosses the guardrail or the road. But if the driver wears a reflective safety vest at this time, it will give a good hint to the rear car.


Not long ago, a similar accident happened in Germany. A truck pulled up beside a country road without street lights. When the truck driver got off to inspect the vehicle, he was in a black jacket, and the vehicle coming from behind did not find the truck driver, which caused the tragedy. the German government in July 2014 stipulated that passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles (trucks, buses) mandatory safety vest. However, motorcycles are not compulsory. Pedestrians traveling at night and cyclists at night are also recommended to wear safety vests.Although the German policy, which stipulates the use of safety vests, does not penalize those who do not wear them, many people still ignore the policy.

In fact, except Germany, many European countries are compulsory to use the safety vest, and there are fines for not using it. It's like a fire extinguisher inside the car. In addition, the European countries, Norway, Croatia, Luxembourg, Romania, Serbia, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and other countries also have legal provisions on the safety vest.


Especially in many countries, there are also relevant regulations for bicycles and even pedestrians to travel at night. It can be seen that the safety vest is indeed a standard for automobile travel, is also a standard for bicycles to travel at night.

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