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Riding Notes

    Nowadays, cycling is becoming more and more popular. Many friends use their holidays to ride outdoors. As long as they know the right way to ride, their health can be "ridden". For the modern people who have no chance of sports and leisure, cycling is a very good fitness exercise. However, we should not only ride hard, but also pay attention to the correct riding posture, so as not to cause sports injury. Here are some riding experiences for your reference.


Try not to ride in the rain

    Riding depends first on the environment. Try not to ride hard in the rain. If you have to challenge yourself, you should learn some simple skills to bend on wet roads. Brake before turning, slow through the bend and then put the body in the right position and speed up. Keep your upper body as close to the upper tube as possible, move your hips slightly behind the seat, and relax your arms and shoulders. If you're nervous, it's probably hard to control the sideslip.


Don't push against the wind

    It's also a matter of cycling environment. When facing strong winds, we must avoid them wisely and wait patiently for the wind to slow down. In many times of the year, we may ride in the strong wind. Here's how to circle with the gale: It's very hard to cut into the wind with open outer feet. We have to use the wind force as resistance, and then ride back at walking speed.


Don't sit all the way up the hill.

    When riding long distances, be careful not to climb in a sitting position all the time. Always change your hip position and occasionally use a standing position to ride. The key to climbing a long-distance uphill is very simple. After a few minutes of sitting, you can change to a larger gear position, sit in a standing position for a while, rocking the back half of the body, while leaning forward slightly, letting your weight down on the pedal. After a few minutes, you can change back to the sitting position and back to a smaller position. The teeth position; before reaching the top of the slope, you will feel more relaxed and less tired by repeatedly using this key point throughout the whole process.


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