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Reflective Cotton Coat For Outdoor Work

The busiest rain and snow weather is nothing more than the traffic police commanders. They are going to protect the safety of the people in this bad weather and fight against the rain and snow. This kind of weather reflective cotton coat can best guarantee their safety, both in the cold. When you keep warm, you can also play a reflective role.

Reflective cotton three advantages

First, it can achieve the effects of cold and warm, wind and rain, comfortable and breathable, safe reflective, etc. 360 degree omni-directional cycle lock temperature and cold resistance, the inner liner is sprayed with cotton, soft and comfortable, can lock the temperature, keep warm and keep warm, Prevent cold air from taking in the heat from the body, and dissipate excess moisture from the body to effectively remove moisture and keep the body warm and comfortable;

Second, high visibility 360-degree all-round security protection, in the harsh environment such as dim, snow, fog, rainy night, reflective materials reflect strong light under illumination, visible security warning function 300 meters away, 360 degrees Azimuth protection is safe to wear;

Thirdly, there is no dead angle waterproof in all directions. Professional waterproofing will not enter the inside of the clothes. It can withstand the bad weather such as heavy rain. It has good waterproof and moisture permeability. The inner lining mesh is wicked and ventilated, and the joints are pressureless. gum.

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