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Night Is Blu-ray The Frightened Residents Turned Out To Be A Pet Wear Glow Necklaces

Jilin, China Netcom "double 11" is over, successively received from many people express, wear new clothes, new mobile phones, and even for their pets to try new equipment. Recently, Lee reflected to the reporter who lives in Chinese city community, the 16th she went home with his family, because no street lights dark, I saw a blue circle and quickly rushed over to them, he was scared they stop there, he didn't dare move. The "Blu-ray" closer to know that Blu-ray has the luminous collar is a dog.

"Saw flashing blue light in the dark, and has never seen such a thing before. "She said to reporters. Back home, she and her lover slowly for a long time to come.

So what this glow collars? Reporters learned that light pet collar is mainly for the safety of pets during the night action, easy to let pet owners looking for their pets.

"Very convenient, dark early now, and pet walk and some in the community when they see it, wear a collar is not the same. "People bought a glowing yellow dog collars, what he thinks is a very convenient. But when a reporter asked whether there were startled when, Mr WONG, is a little embarrassed to say, is Yes, but are scared for the first time, see more would be nice.

"Was a shock was the main reason walking the dog without dog leashes. "Lee is reflected, because pets run faster, especially scary in the dark. If owners use a rope to hold such things won't happen. (Photo by reporter Cui Shengchi reported)

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