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“Made In Internet”

“Made In Internet”,Jack Ma can put forward this view, in fact, it takes a lot of courage. The emergence of all new things will eventually be confirmed by the continuous development of social practice, and become a new common sense, and the "Made in Internet" will be the same.

    Whether any new concept can be ultimately accepted by society depends on whether it can find a way out for the painful points of the times. For Chinese society, how to adjust the supply side structure, establish a new balance between consumption and manufacturing, out of the excess and short-term pendulum dilemma, is precisely the concept of innovation must face the reality of the shackles.

    The imbalance between supply and consumption in contemporary Chinese society is mainly due to the fact that manufacturing industry is at the core of the production process, which leads to the asynchronism and mismatch between production and consumption. It is manifested either as a shortage caused by manufacturing lagging behind consumption or as a surplus caused by manufacturing exceeding consumption.

     In fact, from manufacturing, sales to feedback supply cycle, this is an integrated process. It is a question of chicken laying eggs and laying hens to discuss who will go first and who will last. However, in the early stage of industrialization, it is difficult to collect and analyze market information and consumer preference effectively, so the consumer side can only act on the supply side in the form of feedback afterwards, so it is difficult to play a decisive role in the whole production process.

     Because of this, the supply side with manufacturing as the content becomes the deciding party in the production process. This means that manufacturing of physical properties is a much more solid and sophisticated process than requiring information. The so-called wine fragrance is not afraid of deep alley, in fact, is such a disregard of consumer information, to "manufacturing process" dominate the production process concept.

     Alibaba group's CEO Zhang Yong said on July 11: "Made in the Internet, the theme of today's online business conference, through our Internet understanding of consumers, consumer insight, data on consumer behavior, to see the potential needs of consumers, and then through the creation of our products, through our marketing, and Through our sales, through our services, various ways to meet the needs of consumers. At the same time, we create more consumers' new needs. This is what we see as the diversification of Internet business groups. "

     This is not the replacement of the virtual to the real, but the deep reorganization from the split to the coupling. Jack Ma's "Made in Internet" actually tells such a trend. All the meaningful progress of mankind can not be separated from the breakthrough in concept. To break through the traditional "virtual reality" and to consider the production practice in the information age from the perspective of supply side reform and Internet is the task that China must accomplish today.

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