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Light Strip Controller

For RGB strips, it is necessary to have a controller to have an effect, and a controller can control the length of the strip from 5 meters to 20 meters, mainly depending on which type of controller is selected. In this way, after purchasing the RGB strip, it is also necessary to additionally purchase the number of controllers according to the control length of the controller, or to purchase an additional RGB amplifier (each amplifier can be extended by 5 meters). Don't be fooled into thinking that a controller can achieve the control requirements of all RGB strips, which is a wrong view.


For example, the 100-meter RGB strip is purchased, and the controller uses a conventional controller, that is, the control range of each controller is 5 meters. Then 100 meters of RGB strips need to be equipped with 20 RGB controllers, or buy an RGB controller, buy another 19 amplifiers.

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