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LED Vests, Garbage Man Not Afraid Afraid

With Gao Tienan station opened trips more and more, plus the summer travel peak, growing station garbage, sanitation vehicles responsible for the South Station transportation is often working late, one night at roadside garbage collection, transportation and not easily found by the motor vehicle drivers, vulnerable to accidents. This is not, baohe sanitation centers they are equipped with a safe job artifact--a new LED vest.

The vest in addition to traffic police and reflective vest similar area and reflective material outside, equipped with 16 LED lamp. Vest front control switch can control LED lights, the driver can noted as far away as hundreds of meters away. The vest is also very suitable wear for work in inclement weather such as fog, rain and snow, to warn vehicles very well, and ensure personal safety. Put on her sister Xu LED vests and sister song to my heart happy. "South Station cars, collecting garbage on the road before were a little scared now not afraid of fear. "He also pinch pinch switch, LED flashing immediately vest.

It is learnt that the baohe sanitation centers will give more next night operation of sanitation workers issued each post LED vest, for them to build a security barrier.

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