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LED Sport X-vest, Your Good Choice For Night Ride Outfit

At summer night, more and more people will choose to ride outdoor. But Compared to the day riding, want to enjoy the night ride we need to do more preparation, but also need to understand some of the basic knowledge of night riding safety.


Night night outfits:

1.    safety helmet (protect head)

2.    glove (Cushioning, reduce scratching, but also to prevent excessive sweating and hand slip)

3.    LED sport X-vest (not just reflective, but also LED flashing at the rear, drivers could early notice someone in front)

4.    Cycling glasses (To prevent insects hit the eye)


More tips:

1.    Riding together

2.    Follow traffic rules

3.    Note the distance between the bike and the speed

4.    Please pull your bike aside when need to drink water

5.    Pay attention to pedestrians

6.    Not using an MP3 or electronic device while cycling

7.    Carrying a simple emergency medical tools and items


Good riding habit at ordinary times, security risks will naturally be less. 

Get ready, step on the bike, let us enjoy the night ride fun together.

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