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LED Lighting Collars Are Cool And Safe For Dogs At Night.

Most young shovel officers are walking dogs at night. This is a very dangerous thing for the pet itself. Every year, because the dog is walking at night, the pet is crushed by the car and the injured pet is very much. So today I will introduce you to a collar that glows at night.

One of the nighttime danger zones: around the car

Around a car that is about to start, it is dangerous for a puppy. A small dog is too close to the car, especially in front of or behind, and enters the driver's blind spot. The driver can't tell from the mirror or the rear view mirror where the dog is. This problem is quite high at night.

Night danger zone 2: road access

This is also related to the car, but the risk factor is higher. In the section where the traffic volume is small at night and the speed is fast, the owner should take extra care when passing the dog.

Third night of danger zone: garden with more exits

A garden with more exits and dim lighting is not a good place to walk the dog, especially for puppies. They can't understand the instructions of the master, and they are driven by curiosity to turn a deaf ear to the master's call and are easy to lose. And because of low visibility, it is also difficult to find them.

This time you need an LED light collar. When you go out to walk the dog at night, LED lighting allows drivers such as cars and motorcycles to clearly see the dog's whereabouts; in a safe place, when the dog is free to move, the owner can clearly understand his dog from the shiny collar. The direction and location.

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