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LED Light Belt Selection Tips

1. Look at the solder joints. The LED strips produced by the regular LED strips are produced by the SMT chip process using solder paste and reflow soldering processes. Therefore, the solder joints on the LED strips are relatively smooth, and the amount of solder is small, and the solder joints are arc-shaped, extending from the FPC pads to the LED electrodes. The soldering spot of the LED lamp strip of the cottage version is not uniform, and the dots are wrapped around the soldering foot. At the same time, there will be different degrees of tin tips, which is a typical phenomenon of hand soldering.

2. Look at the quality of FPC. FPC is divided into copper and rolled copper. The copper foil of the copper plate is convex, and can be seen from the connection between the pad and the FPC. The rolled copper is closely integrated with the FPC and can be bent freely without peeling off the pad. If the copper plate is bent too much, the pad will fall off. If the temperature is too high during maintenance, the pad will fall off.

3. Look at the cleanliness of the surface of the LED strip. If the LED strips produced by the SMT process are used, the surface is very clean and does not see any impurities or stains. However, if the cottage version of the LED lamp strip produced by the hand soldering process, the surface will remain stained and cleaned regardless of how it is cleaned, and flux and tin residue will remain on the surface of the FPC.

4. Look at the packaging. The regular LED light strips will be packed in anti-static coil trays, usually 5 meters or 10 meters, and then sealed with anti-static and moisture-proof bags. The cottage version of the LED light strip uses a recycling coil tray for cost savings, and has no anti-static and moisture-proof packaging bags. When you look at the coil tray carefully, you can see the traces and scratches left on the surface when the label is removed.

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