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LED Collapsible And Reflective Traffic Cone,brings More Safe For You And Your Family.

Reflective Luminous Traffic Cones are also called Reflective Roadblocks, Ice Cream Cones, etc. 

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What is the role of the luminous road cone? 

It can be used in a conspicuous position during road construction to alert people driving in and out, and then, warn people not to approach the danger of road construction.

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lt can be put 200m away from the tailstock, warning that there is vehicle malfunction ahead, Please slow down.

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you can put it around the construction site to warn them, tell the pedestrians that the light cones traffic cones, the construction site is dangerous, and unrelated personnel should not be close, etc. 

The new LED reflective light-emitting road cone, developed by alertsaver brand, are more durable and convenient to carry, and can be seen safely, which also has better performance and higher visual distance than ordinary reflective road cones, 

The luminous road cone brings a lot of convenience and safety to our life. It is more secure for the safety of our outdoor work staff. 

LED luminous road cone brings more safe for you and your family waiting at home. 

Imagine that if there is no such thing as a luminous road cone, the high incidence of accidents around the world will be greatly improved, and the safety of external operations will not be guaranteed. The development of the city will also continue to stand still.

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