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LED Backpack Rain Cover


    Have you ever been walking or riding in the rain and a car has nearly run you over because they can’t see you?

   Ever been hiking and the unpredictable weather starts raining from the heavens, soaking the expensive gear in your bag? 

   With our LED Backpack Rain Cover, these are issues of the past!

   Why Try Our LED Backpack Rain Cover?

- Ultimate Visibility and Safety from All Angles

- Three Different Modes: Steady Light, Slow Flash and Fast flash

- 3.7V/550mAUSB Rechargeable Battery

- Waterproof - Keeps Your Backpack and Contents Completely Dry

- Easy to Attach and Remove

- Durable & Lightweight

- 20H Lifetime Guarantee

     Our LED Backpack Rain Cover stretches over your entire daypack. Simply slip it on and keep going!As Your Satisfaction Is Important to Us, We Offer All Customers a Lifetime Guarantee!

 So Order Your LED Backpack Rain Cover Today and Protect Yourself and Your Belongings!


    KEEPS YOU SAFE FROM RAIN & OVERTAKING VEHICLES - If you cycle to work then you can grasp the value in incorporating LED strips onto this bright orange cover… it basically transforms your backpack in a beacon of light and visibility with 3 modes: steady light, slow flash and fast flash. What sweetens the deal is the USB rechargeable battery. 

    “EVERYTHING IN MY PACK IS BONE DRY” - Hiking in the rain is inevitable but getting water in your pack doesn’t have to be! That’s especially important if you carry expensive gear in your bag… which is why it’s always a smart investment to make sure your valuables are resistant to the weather. 

     SLIP IT ON, CLIP IT ON, AND CARRY ON - Designed to slip over your daypack, your stuff will be waterproof no matter how quickly the weather turns. Just cinch it down tightly and you’re good to go. The LED battery is tucked away in its own pouch so there are no wires to get in your way. 

     THE PERFECT BALANCE BETWEEN DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - The material is flexible enough to stretch over your entire pack but tough enough to withstand a windy storm.

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