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How To Choose With Light Clothing?

Its main role is to allow drivers to see people in front and avoid them in time to prevent traffic accidents. Obviously, the effect of the reflective vest is directly related to the user's personal safety and even life safety. So how do you choose reflective clothing?

The first thing to talk about is reflective materials. The raw materials of reflective garments are mainly composed of fluorescent fabrics and reflective tapes, while the luminous duty uniforms made of high-reflective raw materials mean that they can be reflected back to the light emitting area while the lights are directly shining. The farther the distance is, the more the owner can see the front staff or the user further away, thus better protecting the user's personal and life safety.

Secondly, comfort is also a very important selection criterion. In summer, especially the temperature is very high, everyone will choose a reflective vest with strong ventilation, because the sultry and breathable reflective clothing will affect the work of law enforcement personnel. In winter, the temperature is very low. If you wear a reflective vest, it is not acceptable, especially for law enforcement personnel. At this time, you should choose a warm reflective sunscreen. Our reflective raincoat is made of breathable waterproof material. It is also airtight and waterproof. There is also a lining and velvet reflective raincoat to choose from, which is practical for customers.

Then there is the style design, the reflective clothing with reasonable design can add color to the city, and nowadays, reflective clothing is no longer a traffic law enforcement officer.

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