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Common Sense Of The Use Of LED Lights

  1. It is widely used in dangerous environments such as oil exploitation, oil refining, chemical industry, military industry, offshore oil platforms, oil tankers and other places.

   2. Applicable to Zones 1 and 2 in IIA, IIB, IIC, and explosive gas environments.

   3. Temperature group of T1-T6 group.

   4. Applicable to places with high protection level and humidity.

   5, 85V-260V AC and 24V DC power supply options are optional.

   6, chip: the use of internationally renowned chip brands, the brightness per watt can reach 150LM, life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours.

   7. Radiator: The outer array heat sink design greatly avoids the accumulation of dust in the conventional LED heat sink. The inner circumference array heat sink is designed to make the surface temperature of the light source transmit to the outside quickly, so that the temperature of the LED chip is balanced, and the temperature rise of the LED and the power supply is reasonably controlled within 40 degrees, which greatly ensures the service life of the lamp.

   8. Glass: It adopts diffusion anti-glare transparent parts to realize 360-degree non-dead angle illumination. It adopts Lingjing tempered glass, high purity of tempering, corrosion resistance and impact resistance, and the light transmittance is 95%.

   9. Reflector: The reflector of the new material has no light loss, the light reflectivity can reach 99%, and the reflectivity and uniformity of the light plate are superior to the conventional materials.

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