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Are You Ready For The Double Eleventh Shopping Carnival ?


      In November 11, 2014, Alibaba's double eleven day trading volume was 57 billion 100 million yuan. In November 11, 2015, Tmall's double eleven day trading volume was 91 billion 217 million yuan.2016 11, 24 o'clock, Tmall double eleven all day trading volume is over 120 billion 700 million.  

       In the 11 seconds of Double 11 in 2017, Taobao's trading volume exceeded 1 billion, 3 minutes and 01 seconds exceeded 10 billion, and wireless accounted for 93%.The 9th Tianmaoshuang 11 Global Carnival began in an hour and 49 seconds, with turnover exceeding 57.1 billion yuan, the figure for the full day of Tianmaoshuang 11 in 2014.According to the data released by Alibaba at zero on November 12, the total turnover of "Double Eleven" Tianmao and Taobao in 2017 was 168.2 billion yuan, a new record.

       Since Tianmao launched the Double Eleventh Shopping Festival in 2009, it has become a truly national shopping feast every year.

       In the current economic downturn under increasing pressure, the "Double Eleventh" shopping Carnival of the turbulent passenger flow and extremely large one-day turnover shows that the people have a strong desire to consume and higher consumption capacity, which is undoubtedly a positive signal to stimulate domestic demand.

       The reverse trend of e-commerce demand "blowout", reveals the huge potential of China's online consumption, is the traditional retail format and new retail format confrontation. Ma Yun, CEO of Alibaba Group, believes that the "Double Eleventh" shopping carnival is a signal of China's economic transformation, a new marketing model of the war against traditional marketing model.

       Analysts said that with the successful breakthrough of 10 billion nodes, China's retail formats are undergoing a "fundamental change" - online transactions have been transformed from one of the former supplementary channels of the retail industry to the mainstream form of stimulating domestic demand in China, thus beginning to overwhelm the traditional retail format upgrade.

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