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What classification of LED products?

LED products fall into five broad categories:

One, Information display apparatus, equipment, household appliances, information display, digital display, and a variety of display, LED display (information displays, advertising, scoreboard, etc).

Two urban traffic, traffic lights, highway, railway, airport, maritime and river navigation lights and so on.

Three, cars with lights inside and outside the car lights, turn signals, brake lights, fog lights, headlight, car display and lighting.

Four small size backlight, LED backlight: less than 10 inches, mainly for mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PDA, digital cameras, camcorders and fitness equipment; medium size backlight: 10 inches ~20 inches, mainly used in laptop computers, computer monitors, and monitor large size backlight: greater than 20 inches, mainly used in color TV LCD display.

Five, LED lighting, LED is currently an applied branch of industry has great potential, great potential for application in high power and high level, but the technology is still immature, yet to be developed.

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