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Reflective vests used?

Reflective clothing also can put he said as reflective vest or also can called reflective clothing, fluorescent clothing, glow clothes, is used a special high Visual reflection material and the special process made of a can strongly reflective of tape, if in reflective clothing or reflective vest, reflective vest, reflective raincoat, reflective clothing, reflective overalls, vest vest Shang added this special process made of reflective article even is in light is dark of place as long as in lights of irradiation Xia will reflection out strongly of light to makes wearing who are soon of was people by found.

This is for regular clothes and cannot play a role, this reflective clothes of special materials to the greatest amount of reflected light, and let people see, better serve as a warning.

High quality reflective vests will play that role, if several 1 inferior reflective jackets we said, please select when you buy reflective clothing formal reflective clothing manufacturer.

Reflective clothing is common in police and sanitation workers of the vest, mend clothing, lifeboat, lifeboat, applies to police officers, firefighters, security guards and support staff in the performance of official duties or work wear, serve as warning.

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