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Pet dog will choose the right collar

1. the strap collar: leash collar is many owners buy both cheap traction for dogs, puppy wearing a belt is the best, this product is available in many colors, it is made of various materials, there are a variety of styles.

2. the nylon collar: this waterproof, durable and washable, and also have a variety of colors, many owners like to buy a set of collars and lead ropes, some like to buy and the dog is similar in color to the dress itself.

3. leather collar: good and durable, rounded leather collar for the convenience of the shaggy dog, so it's Mao Shunping designed.

Training collars collars for training such as "chain" and "clip-on" collars can be used for training, such as a dog can only be by a skilled operation, when this collar is used to correct it, slightly, on tightened briefly. When the owners are away, hold the collar the dog and put it on, because it might cause a dog to hook something was strangled.

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