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Pet dog the beginning of five reminders

First: the trace elements of the dog, dog Pica (eating corner, eating and grey, eating stool) 99% is a sign of lack of trace elements (also 1% is a sign of nervous), eat a multivitamin tablet can be solved, it's best to eat, don't start eating, then eat, 21 Jin he, Ah, Centrum.

Second: the dog teeth cleaning teeth, if it weren't for oral diseases caused by bad breath and just ate the deodorizing cookies can, puppy teeth would buy toys from bruxism or teeth great molars and teeth, avoid teeth and chew furniture.

Third: the dog's leash, tethered neck, not sets of forelimbs that, affecting the development of pleural effusion.

Part IV: dog vaccination and deworming, vaccines recommended United States Fu Road, is said to be the end of the 8 year vaccinated a month earlier than last year, so as not to vaccine failure last year.

Five: dog bath, take a bath with 2 week, best not employing the lotion, remember must be dried after washing, if you cannot use hot air dryer, preferably with a high power water blowing machines, people is not hard.

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