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LED working principles

It is semiconductor diode of a, can put power into into light, glow diode and General diode as is by a PN knot composition, also has one-way conductive sex, dang to glow diode plus are to voltage Hou, from p district injected to n district of hole and by n district injected to p district of electronic, in PN knot near number Micron within respectively and n district of electronic and p district of hole composite, produced spontaneous radiation of fluorescent.

Different semiconductor materials, electrons and holes in the different energy States, when the energy of the electron and hole compound released when different, releasing more energy, you are the light of shorter wavelengths, commonly used are red, green or yellow light diode.

Light emitting diode's reverse Breakdown voltage is greater than 5 volts, it is to the v-I characteristic curve is very steep, it must be used with series resistor to control the current through the diode.

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